Our kindergarten program is designed to allow for open-ended exploration, group projects, and teacher facilitated activities.  Our comprehensive integrated curriculum aligns with the states early learning and development standards.  These standards promote an understanding of the whole child and support all areas of learning.

This academically rich curriculum will focus on preparing your child for first grade.  We will work on developing their reading, writing, and math skills.  Children are inherently inquisitive and we will use this trait to extend their knowledge in both science and social studies.

All About Kids provides a Summer Camp Program for our Kindergarten children. The camp consists of at least two field trips per week, along with fun and exciting adventures here at the center. The children will not only be exploring their community by going on field trips, but they will be participating in enrichment activities in reading, math and science. We will continue to further their education by engaging them in daily activities to keep their minds stimulated while still enjoying a fun, relaxing summer.

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