Fire Safety

Fire Safety Week

October hosts fire prevention week and at All About Kids we make sure that one of our weekly themes is geared toward this very topic. All children need to learn the importance of fire safety. Families need to make sure they have an escape plan set in place in case of a fire and this week would be the perfect time for each and every family to rehearse their plan.

If you do not have a fire escape plan here are a few suggestions on how to get started.

All households with children should have a floor plan drawn out. Assist the children in marking at least two ways out of each room, make sure to include all doors and windows. Make sure to mark the locations of the household smoke alarms.

After you have clearly mapped out the exit strategies per room choose an outside meeting place. Be sure the spot is a safe distance away from the front of the house. Some examples of meeting places would be a neighbor’s house, light post, mailbox, or stop sign. Mark the meeting location on your escape plan.

Putting your escape plan to the test:
Once you have completed your escape plan practice the plan at least twice a year. After mastering the plan complete a drill at night. You want to make sure not to frighten the children so let them know you will be conducting a drill before they go to sleep.
A home fire escape plan can save your families lives.

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