Potty Training

All About Kids Guide to Potty Training

Potty training can be a difficult task for parents to accomplish. With our efforts at school we hope to make this time both rewarding and enjoyable. Some suggestions on how to get your child interested and ready for potty training:

1. Take them with you to buy underwear that they are excited to put on each day.
2. Set rewards for successful bathroom trips
3. Make sure to keep extra clothes handy and expect that your child will have a few accidents, do not punish them for this it is a learning process.
4. Send them to the bathroom often in the beginning to avoid accidents. Bathrooms are always nearby at All About Kids Learning Centers.
5. If your child begins to become frustrated and refuses to use the potty, take some time off of the potty training and resume it in a week or two.
Potty Training Packing List: Bring to your Cincinnati Daycare

It is important that both the teachers and the parents work closely to help your child become victorious in potty training. When beginning potty training at school consider providing the teachers with a list of appropriate and inappropriate rewards for good bathroom behavior – and please make sure to bring in several sets of clothing and underwear because we will need them!

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