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Sycamore Township Ohio Daycare

All About Kids is a Great Local Childcare Option

Looking for Sycamore Township Ohio Daycare? All About Kids in nearby Montgomery Offers Quality and Service you can’t beat elsewhere. Our staff is friendly and helpful. Come see why our child care rocks!

Preschool Programs Can’t Get Better or Easier

All About Kids Learning Center, a local childcare facility, is the perfect place to provide your child with a safe, supportive learning environment. Here she will have opportunities to become more socialized by learning to handle interactions with other young people in positive ways, learn basic skills like letter and number identification, and get a strong basis in a variety of topic areas to help prepare her for her school years. At All About Kids we care as much for your child’s physical development as her mental and social development; we have extensive age-appropriate outdoor play areas for your child.

Our Ohio Childcare Facility is Green-Certified

At All About Kids, our centers show our commitment to the environment from the building materials right up to the curriculum. Our preschool center is built with green materials which give many benefits to the environment. They reduce the off gassing of harmful chemicals that much new construction contends with – important when our “tenants” are young children. They are made from recycled products and often sourced locally. All About Kids is one of the few childcare centers in the country to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Beyond building construction, All About Kids incorporates innovative environmental elements into the curriculum with vegetable and flower gardens, rainwater harvesting and recycling programs. Early in 2012, our work to make our centers more sustainable was recognized by a people’s choice award in a green business awards competition cosponsored by the Cincinnati chapter of the US Green Building Council.

Local Children’s Care That Fits Into Your Life

Daycare must fit into your life; All About Kids takes several steps to ensure that it will. First, the children’s care facility is open twelve hours a day, 6:30 am til 6:30 pm. This gives you extensive flexibility in drop-off and pick-up times, as well as length of stay. All About Kids also offers shuttle service for your school-aged children to get to school, making before- or after-school programming simple. We are also equipped with WatchMeGrow, a video system allowing you to check in on your child at different points in the day over the internet. You may not be able to be with them, but you can still feel connected to your child during his childcare hours. Also, we offer summer camps and field trips to make sure your kids are engaged throughout the year, not just when school is in session. Come visit our Sycamore Township Ohio daycare center today. We hope you find that All About Kids Learning Centers are the right fit for your family.