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Montfort Heights Ohio Daycare

Which Montfort Heights Ohio Daycare Right for You?

Some can get by without Montfort Heights Ohio daycare but if you need top notch care for your child, contact All About Kids today for a free tour of our unbeatable facilities.

Cincinnati All About Kids Childcare Solutions

In the current economic climate, many families with young children try to make do with little or no childcare. Some people can make this work successfully. Sometimes families can get by on one income, leaving the other parent to take care of the children full-time. Sometimes parents can shift their schedules so that each parent can work while the other takes care of the kids. Sometimes there are grandparents in the area who can watch the children, freeing both parents to work. Sometimes parents can work at home and do this while watching the children. These arrangements can work successfully for years, meaning parents can avoid paying for local child care facilities.

Why Might You Consider Us?

Even if you fall within one of the aforementioned groups and consider yourself to be successfully surviving without needing someone to watch your kids, you might consider reasons to choose daycare for your children, at least part time.

Quality versus Quantity Time:

Are you truly providing your children with a rich learning and playing environment all the time when you’re with them? Are you focused on your parenting or are you trying to get some work done while your kids play? Might your kids (and you!) benefit from socializing with other adults or kids? Are you providing them with the highest quality environment they deserve?


Are both parents getting the rest and down time they need to be the best parents and workers they can be? Are you creating a balanced life where the needs of your household, your kids, yourself are all being met?

Growing Your Finances:

You might be holding off on local daycare because of financial reasons. However, child care might give you the time and space you need to increase your income. Do you run your own business? Do you have the kind of job where having focused, uninterrupted time to work could improve your productivity and lead to increased income? Perhaps childcare would give you the time to go back to school to improve your chances of increasing your earnings later?

Why Choose a Local Children’s Care Facility Over Other Options?

Whatever the reason, having at least part-time daycare might be beneficial to you, your kids and your family. There are many daycare options you could consider in the Cincinnati area, ranging from co-op preschools to in-home nannies, community recreational activities or in-home daycare centers. The childcare and preschool center might seem at first like one of the more expensive options, but childcare centers offer many benefits that the other options do not that can offset some of that expense. For example, centers are usually open for at least 10 hours a day. If you need to work a long day or have other pressing concerns, you can usually use these extra hours without additional expense. Centers have protocols if teachers get sick, including substitutes. If you’ve ever had to scramble for childcare at the last minute due to sickness or other last-minute crises, you know how valuable it is for a parent to know that their childcare option is reliable. Also, centers provide snacks and lunch for your children, saving you
15-30 minutes in the morning putting together the day’s meals. These features can save you significant time and expense especially over the course of months or a year.

All About Kids Learning Center is Right Here in West Fork/Green Township!

All About Kids operates a successful childcare program right in West Fork. We accept children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years. We prioritize social skills as well as creating a foundation for learning more traditional school topics. Come visit us today to see if we might be able to help you create more balance in your family’s life.