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Milford Ohio Daycare

A Positive Learning Experience Begins with Milford Ohio Daycare

Education and Early Childcare Philosophies

Childhood educational philosophies have changed and new techniques are employed. Milford Ohio daycare integrates constructivist learning in our educational facility realizing that not all children learn at the same rate or in the same method. Our childcare center assesses and addresses the various methods of learning and focuses on the learning method of the child, and not the teacher, instilling a philosophy of flexibility with our teachers and staff to ensure that your child gains the best tools possible.

Local Preschool that Fosters Learning Through Encouragement

Parents searching for a school for their child are looking for a loving environment that fosters learning and is encouraging. It is from our earliest moments in life that opinions of learning are formed. We prepare your child for the future and provide the tools that will ensure future success. We share you concern for your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. By choosing to enroll your child into our preschool program you’ve chosen a facility that cares for your child and their method of learning. Our philosophy is that children learn best in a hands on environment.

Presence of Mind is Your Present

Milford Ohio daycare considers Hands-on learning as critical in the early stages of learning and focuses on your child. Our flexible programs and teachers create curriculums to match your child’s development and partners with you to monitor and foster your child’s development. As an added measure of assuring the parent or guardian, we have a “Watch Me Grow” camera that provides an opportunity for you to periodically check on your child throughout the day. We not only want to foster a great environment for your child’s learning, we also want to grant you peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing what your child is up to throughout the day and the kind of care that they are receiving. Our local daycare center wants to provide a comfortable environment for the children and for the parents.

The Gifted Child Is Catered to At Our Preschool Learning Prpgram

Our early childhood education specialists know that preschool is more than just babysitting. Your gifted child needs to be challenged and provided opportunities to advance so they are prepared with social skills and have the advantage of a head start when they enter into kindergarten.