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Fundamentals of Discipline for Children Mason Ohio Daycare

Our Children’s Care Program Fosters Consistency

When children begin to act out or misbehave, they are essentially testing the limits of their own personal boundaries and others. They are naturally discovering their boundaries in relation to the world around them. Order and consistency can play a big part in giving them safe haven from what they view as an uncertain and daunting world. Make sure your child keeps to a regular schedule at nap times, bed times, and meal times. If you are out, always keep food on hand in case of a sudden hunger attack. A hungry baby is an angry baby. Keep excursions short and plan ahead so you don’t have to hurry (particularly when you need to get your child to preschool and yourself to work in the mornings).

Techniques That Can Be Used With Consistency

An advanced warning, when change is necessary, helps to warn a child what to expect and lessens their stress to the change. For example, by communicating to your child that so-and-so is going to come play with you tonight while Mommy and Daddy go out for a little while, prepares the child in advance for a different routine. This also circumvents any shock from the change in schedule and hopefully averts a tantrum. This method of “thinking out loud” is a way to announce something to the child and always keep them in the loop, which they appreciate even though they can’t express it.

The Value of Consistency

Consistency is also important when it comes to discipline. When you need to negate an unwanted behavior by saying “no (hitting, screaming, throwing etc.)” you need consistently say “no” every time the child does it. Without consistency, a confusing gray area is created and the child learns that it is not necessary to respect this boundary.

At our Mason Ohio daycare center we adhere to tight, consistent schedules every day; which include: consistent nap times, meal times, and bed times, as well as times when your toddler is free to just run around and have fun in our expansive outdoor play area grouped with others of the same age. In our childcare programs, we understand that with routine and consistency children feel much more safe and secure, and as a result are more well behaved and calm because they know what to expect.