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Maineville Ohio Daycare simply doesn’t get any better.

All About Kids Maineville Ohio daycare has you covered. From the concerns for your child’s safety to creating an enriching learning environment, All About Kids is a state-of-the-art childcare and learning facility that provides for all your child’s care and learning needs. We take our responsibility and profession quite seriously, which you will notice from the moment that you walk into our center. Realizing that every parent wants the best for their child (and why wouldn’t they?) we have created an environment that will give you the peace of mind in knowing your precious little one is healthy, secure, comfortable and learning- all while in loving hands.

Childcare that provides a sanitary and healthy environment.

All of our centers pride themselves on being clean and sanitary, every day. After all, what good is any childcare center if they do not keep children from the harmful effects of germs? Understanding that children interact socially, and can share nasty bacteria and viruses, we ensure that our employees are trained and conversant in mitigating the potential for germs- and we do what we can to keep your child healthy in our clean surroundings. Part of this effort also includes keeping things neat and tidy. Our tidiness and organization shows that we take satisfaction in our work and our workplace, as well as enabling us to keep your child sound and well tended.

All About Kids provides a safe environment.

Along with health, safety is one of the primary priorities at All About Kids preschool. Our childcare centers are equipped with WatchMeGrow cameras, both inside and outside our facilities. WatchMeGrow is the industry’s most trusted video provider. This means that not only can we monitor and record your child’s activities, and provide for their safety, but that you can also view your child at your convenience from the web. Simply log on from our web site and you can start sharing your child’s day, seeing what they see- in real time! This open door policy of All About Kids shows, once again, that we want to be effective partners with you in helping your child grow and succeed.

Not just a childcare center, but an outstanding learning center as well.

Through both individual and teacher-facilitated activities, your child will be challenged enough to grow and achieve, yet comfortable and loved every step of the way. Our well trained staff at All About Kids are experts not only in caring for children, but are familiar with both the research regarding child learning and development and in implementing that theory into actual learning practice. Through a child-centered focus on learning, our providers facilitate and provide the tools your child needs to learn and grow, move forward in school and be prepared for this challenging and ever-changing world in which we live.