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Florence Kentucky Daycare

All About Kids’ Florence Kentucky daycare provides peace of mind for parent and child.

A parent’s first concerns are for his or her child’s health and safety, which is why at All About Kids’ Florence Kentucky daycare we consistently sanitize our facility. This is the number one prevention against the harmful effects of germs on your child. We want to be sure that all the children in our care are safe, healthy and happy- just like when they are home. And when it comes to safety, not only do we minimize the threat of illness, but we also have one of the safest childcare facilities that you can find. All our daycares are equipped with WatchMeGrow video camera systems. This trusted system enables you to watch your child over the Internet, at your leisure, while giving you the assurance that your child is in good hands. You just simply login from our website, and share in your child’s day from wherever you may be.

Parent partnering ensures you’re receiving the best quality your Florence Kentucky daycare.

Although our skilled staff is well educated in child development and learning, and although we are experts at facilitating your child’s mental development, we also know that to do our mission effectively we need to partner with parents. This practice is witnessed more and more in schools today, as it is understood that children perform best when both educators and caregivers are combining their efforts and knowledge. At All About Kids’ early childcare center, we want you to be aware and educated about what we are doing from day to day to create an enriching learning environment, that keeps your child challenged and engaged. (You can even start now by exploring our curriculum for each age group from this web site.) With partnership, you can help us better understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, interests and hobbies, and where you would like to see your child grow. Our combined efforts provide an education synergy: a sum that is greater than its parts.

All About Kids is not only an excellent daycare center, we are also an excellent learning center.

One of the best things about today’s innovative daycare centers, that truly care about child development, is that they provide a learning environment similar to, or at times surpassing, school. So not only will your child be protected and safe in a nurturing and loving environment, but your child will be receiving some of the best educational instruction around. And the great thing? Learning is incorporated into play. It is in play that children are the most active, engaged and open to learning. It is there where they are their best, natural learning selves. Our providers facilitate and guide the child in this constructive play and help your child succeed. From All About Kids’ child care this learning can then be carried over into school- and life.

Your child’s home away from home.

At All About Kids we fully understand that most parents wish that they could spend more time with their children and that their children could spend more time at home. But, in today’s world, the reality is that we have to find the next closest thing: a home away from home. We have to find peace of mind in knowing that our child is safe, comfortable and welcome, where our child is loved and cared for, and where our child is receiving the best in education and social skills. All About Kids offers this and so much more.