Hours of operation:
6:30am – 6:30pm

Flexibility of programs:
Our programs are flexible and our teachers will design lesson plans based on the needs of each child and the needs of the class. Our facility is designed to allow parents the choice of enrolling on a part time or full time basis.

Age of Children:
6 weeks to 12 years

Our facility offers transportation to and from some of the local schools. Please contact us for a complete list of the schools we will service.

Security Measures:
Our facility is equipped with WatchMeGrow and have several cameras inside and outside of the facility to ensure your child’s safety. Parents will have the ability to check on their child online through a secure website. We also have security procedures for check in and check out to ensure safety when entering and exiting the facility.

Child’s Daily Sheet:
Our teachers will fill out daily sheets for each child which include; meals and how much the child ate, how long the child slept at nap time, potty times and special notes from the day. This sheet will help the parent be informed of how their child’s day went.

Outdoor Activities:
Our facility boasts a spacious outdoor play area that is separated according to age groups. We also offer summer camps and field trips.

Please check with your local All About Kids location to find out whether they cook nutritional meals in house or have their lunch catered by Daycare Catering.

Staff Training:
Our facility follows all state guidelines for training. Our staff is trained in First Aid & CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Child Abuse Awareness and many others.

How do I enroll?:
Please select “Locations” at the top to obtain enrollment information on each of our facilities.