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Choosing the right childcare and learning options for your family in Cincinnati

There are many Cincinnati daycare options for your family

What to Look for in Choosing the Right Cincinnati Daycare

The options for Cincinnati daycare can be overwhelming to the new parent. Getting the very best for your baby is of utmost concern, and with some basic guidelines you will be able to relax knowing that your child is happy, safe and secure. In addition to the standard inspections required for local childcare, daycare centers should be up to date on all areas of licensing. A staff member should have basic training in CPR (in rare cases of emergency) and early childhood development. The staff should all be on the same page in terms of disciplinary actions since it is only natural that every child will need some level of guidance as they navigate the waters of social interaction. In addition, all staff members should have clear criminal background checks. Inquire about the rate of staff resignations as low employee turnover minimizes the need for young children to repeatedly adjust to new caregivers.

Adherence to Local Childcare Standards

Safety and hygiene must be given priority in every area of the facility. Staff should have current immunizations whether they are in direct contact with children or doing accounting/paperwork behind the desk. Staff should wear gloves when changing diapers and frequent hand washing should be promoted amongst staff members and instilled upon children at the daycare from the moment they arrive to stop the spread of germs and illnesses. To protect your child, there should also be clearly written policies on sick children and appropriate actions to decrease exposure to other children. Toys are handled by all children and will eventually come into contact with their mouths; therefore they should be disinfected regularly. Children are extremely agile and constantly moving, there the facility must be childproofed for dangerous objects or wandering off.

All About Kids Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Central Ohio Locations

All About Kids Childcare and Learning Centers are located throughout Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Central Ohio. All About Kids recognizes the need to make parents feel safe and for that reason, in addition to maintaining strict hiring standards, parents can check in on their child at any time of the day via a secure web cam. Why bother with a baby monitor when you can just click and zoom from any location having access to the Internet? We encourage you to check in on your child as often as you feel comfortable but also for the busiest of parents we have your child’s “daily sheet” filled out by their caregiver. The information is always available to you and includes your child’s meal, naptime and potty regulation status.

We invite you to learn more about All About Kids Childcare and Learning Centers in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Central Ohio. Schedule a visit today!