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Cincinnati Day Care

Cincinnati Day Care That Creates Environmentally Friendly Facilities.

As one of the only green child care centers in the country, let alone among Cincinnati day care providers, it is apparent that we are not just talking the talk, but we are walking the walk. Every single All About Kids center is consciously constructed as a green learning center by certified contractors. In fact, we are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Within the details as well, our green philosophy is carried out with such projects as rain water catchment, where children can reuse this precious resource to irrigate landscaping and gardening plots.

Cincinnati Day Care That Creates Environmentally Friendly Children.

We are a Cincinnati day care facility that also creates stewards of the planet. As we feel that it is in all our best interests to have environmentally responsible and knowledgeable citizens, we integrate nature education into our day to day activities. Children receive instruction and hands-on learning with gardening and water resources, growing plants from seedlings and watching in amazement as our efforts grow to fruition. They learn about waste and recycling while immersed in a green center with color coded waste receptacles and are reminded and taught about the whys and hows of conserving energy. We don't simply pay lip service to being a green business, we are one!