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Cincinnati Child Day Care Center

You Have Found Your New Cincinnati Child Care Center!

This Cincinnati day care center is the perfect fit for busy families. All About Kids Learning Centers are conveniently located and offer even more convenient pickup and drop off.

All About Kids Cincinnati Day Care Centers

Are you looking for a new Cincinnati day care center? All About Kids Learning Centers offer your child a challenging learning environment with knowledgeable and caring staff who will nurture your child while developing a strong foundation for learning. We invite you to tour one of our conveniently located facilities to see for yourself our deep commitment to quality. From the whimsical crayon posts outside to the age-appropriate classrooms and outdoor play areas, from the delicious food to the well-trained teachers, we know you’ll be pleased with how our center compares with others and excited to introduce your child to our staff.

We Offer More than Cincinnati Child Care; We Offer a Foundation for Learning

We tailor our curriculum to different developmental stages. In the early years, this means a focus on six developmental areas in particular: physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language and communication development, and cognitive development. At our Cincinnati child care centers, babies and toddlers are encouraged to use American Sign Language signs to express themselves before they can speak. Older toddlers are assisted in their transition out of diapers through our system which makes both children and parents proud and happy to toilet train. As your child grows, topic areas like reading, writing and math will be introduced, as well as a focus on art and music. And with our extensive outdoor play areas, our children get plenty of exercise and practice using their bodies as well as their minds.

What Makes Us Unique?

We know it’s hard to leave your kids all day and miss so many of the fun times and some of the first times, too. Our Cincinnati day care center are equipped with WatchMeGrow, a camera system that provides online access to parents of real-time video of their child’s classroom so you can check in on your child whenever you want. You are also provided with a daily sheet that tells you about your child’s day: food, naptimes, potty times and highlights of the day.  Our centers also incorporate vegetable and flower gardening into the curriculum, as well as rainwater harvesting for those gardens and recycling.

We Are the Fastest-Growing Cincinnati Child Care Provider

We have eight centers around Cincinnati and in Northern Kentucky, with more on the way. In addition to our curriculum, we have many features that make us so popular. We value outdoor play space and have included age-specific outdoor play areas at all our centers. We have designed our centers with many green and environmental features, including low- and no-VOC materials inside to protect children’s health. Cincinnati-area parents have made All About Kids Learning Centers the fastest-growing Cincinnati child care providers. Come see why today!

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