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Cincinnati Child Care

Cincinnati Child Care Where One Will Discover More Than Just Caregivers.

Cincinnati child care should be more than just watching over your child and providing necessary care; it should also make the most use of your child’s time (and your dollars). Our staff is not only chosen and trained for their care giving ability, but is also picked for proficiency and trained in child development and educational psychology. Whether it’s a head start for the upcoming school years, or supplemental to the formal education of school, you can be comforted in the knowledge that your child is getting a top quality education.

Local Daycare Featuring Trained and Experienced Educators.

Our staff is trained and experienced in the models of famed educational psychologist Jean Piaget. His observation and instruction that children learn best through play has been incorporated into our practices of both child-centered and teacher-facilitated play activities. This method not only makes learning so much less burdensome for children, in that they hardly know that they are “working” on learning, but the lessons obtained will be more permanent as they were learned concretely in real life problem solving. And, not only is this learning more permanent, but more realistic as learning is transferred into other day to day skills and challenges. We are a local daycare center that takes learning seriously, but has fun while doing it!