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All About Kids

Why Choose All About Kids for Your Childcare Facility

The First Time Parent

First-time parents are concerned about childcare and where to send your child to daycare is a weighty decision. All About Kids considers the delicate and impressionable years, meaning that a few months make a huge difference in development. We take into consideration the importance of gathering children of the same development levels together. Our planned activities (both indoor and outdoor) are constructed specifically with your child and their peers in mind. We’re a children’s learning facility that has separate indoor and outdoor facilities to stimulate your child and integrate them in to different environments.

Socializing Your Child at an Early Age Provides Essential Tools for Their Future

Sending your child to a daycare is a proactive way to provide your child with a chance of socializing with peers, advancing their studies, and all of this within a safe environment. You can relieve any concern of unsupervised or unstructured time in your child’s schedule. Finish up your day with confidence when you have your child enrolled in a superior daycare when you choose to enroll your child in our educationally engaging school.

We Take the Worry Off Your Plate

While it may be difficult to send your child to daycare programs, rest assured that there are advantages, not only for your child, but also for you, the parent or guardian. Your child has a chance to socialize and hone skills at working with peers, and by proxy, you have the opportunity to meet other parents that have children at our facility. These parents can become your friends, peers, emergency babysitters, a shoulder of support, an ear to listen. Raising a child is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and some days, can be the most challenging.

Good Parenting is Resourceful Parenting

Another perk of entering your son or daughter into the childcare system for is the opportunity of resources and professionals that are experience and focus on child development. We provide your child with a stimulating environment for learning and socializing and give yourself a community in which every parent needs for their proverbial village. The decision to enter your child into daycare may surprise you once you find that a wonderful community of friends for both yourself, and your child. Our trained and caring staff relieves the parent or guardian the daunting task of where to start looking for quality daycare.